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Peacock Digital Marketing is a creative marketing agency based in Staffordshire. It was founded in July 2020 by marketing machine, senior journalist, graphic designer and cat enthusiast Kirsty Nelms. Our clients describe us as courageous, trustworthy, responsive, insightful and creative.

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What we do

We help businesses grow through proactive, creative, insightful marketing which develops awareness, trust and leads. Peacocks proudly strut their stuff, and we help businesses to do the same! We offer website development, copywriting and PR, digital marketing and graphic design services.

How we do it

We take a human-centred approach to marketing through carefully crafted storytelling and design, building our strategy around your business, values and customers. We use our full skillset to provide each piece of the marketing puzzle in a way that can be connected to see the full picture.

What we're not



Big agencies do incredible things and if you have an expansive marketing budget and you need a dedicated team available 24/7 to run your campaigns, we are not the best fit for you.

However, even if you already work with a large agency (or maybe you have an in-house marketing team), sometimes you might need extra support with graphic design, copywriting and website development on top of the digital marketing services they provide. In that case, we can help.

We also don’t want any of our clients to EVER feel taken for granted or unappreciated, and we believe keeping the team small and nurturing relationships with our clients is the best way to do that.

We primarily work with small-to-medium-sized businesses who care passionately about what they do – but they’ve reached the point where promoting it feels like a real challenge. They’re unsure of where to start with marketing, or they’ve tried a few things that have not worked, and now they are feeling overwhelmed and confused by tracking pixels, SEO and digital advertising campaigns.

When you don’t have a marketing strategy or the right experience, it can lead to money being wasted, frustrated staff and customers and you could be putting your business’ reputation at risk without even realising. Our clients work with us to avoid those pitfalls.


Some agencies will just ‘get on with it’ quietly in the background. Peacock Digital Marketing does not fade into the background – it’s just not our style. We want you to know we’re getting on with ‘it’, know exactly what ‘it’ is and where you are seeing a return on your investment. We get to know your customers, products and services to make sure we can answer those all-important questions before they need to be asked.

No one buys anything without researching it first, which is why written, searchable content is so vital to any marketing campaign. In journalism they say it’s important to know a little about a lot, so you know what questions to ask in order to deliver the right information to readers. By learning about your business we know we’re asking the right questions and we can capture your audience’s attention, so our proactive approach means you’ll be hearing from us a lot.

Do you need to build a brand?

Whether you need to create a brand from scratch or refresh what you have, Peacock Digital Marketing can help with a range of graphic design projects across print and digital media. 

Trouble finding the right words?

My experience as a senior journalist and copywriter means I can get the coverage your business deserves. Grow your reputation (and your SEO credibility) through stories worth telling.

Baffled by digital marketing?

Track leads, not just likes, and grow your digital presence with monthly social media management and digital marketing services such as Google search and display advertising.

Bored by your own website?

Take your website from mundane to marvelous by putting your customers at the heart of its content. Make your website work for your business and get your virtual shopfront sorted.

Peacock Digital Marketing
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