Cosmetics brand concept

Atomic Vixen

Inspired by the cosmetics brand Soap & Glory, I created this concept to appeal to the female alternative cosmetics market. I created branding and a hand cream product example. The designs were based on the resurgence of Retrofuturism and feature Atomic Age patterns.


Branding and logo design

Website design


Print and digital ad design

Stationery design

Packaging design

Creating a cosmetics brand with a vintage twist

I based the lettering used in the logo on the vintage style of the signage you would see often used at bowling alleys, drive ins and motels during the 1950s.

I used a soft, feminine colour palette and created repeat patterns to support the brand. I also wanted to use a vintage-style image and I opted for a vector illustration. 

Many brands are using hand drawn illustrations at the moment because they bring a more bespoke, human look to design, helping to establish a sense of trust. Look at many of the websites of large brands currently and you will find a combination of illustrations with digital shapes and graphics, illustrations with real photography or photography and graphics.


Looking for inspiration...

Atomic Vixen inspo 4
Atomic Vixen inspo 3
Atomic Vixen inspo 2
Atomic Vixen inspo 1

Putting it all together...

atomic vixen logo long

The patterns and illustration can be used in packaging and to add interest to the website design and print elements such as business cards and letterheads.

Atomic Vixen cosmetics brand Instagram
Atomic Vixen cosmetics brand Instagram

I also created some social media adverts, as well as a print advert, which could be used in a magazine. All of these elements give you a good sense of why branding is about more than just a logo – it should be applied to everything your business puts out there.

Seeing it on a product

I wanted to really get a sense of what the brand would look like on the final product, so I rendered some 3D mock ups showing the hand cream in two different scents.

AtomicVixen Cosmetics Brand teal splash 3

Applying the branding to a website page

Finally, I created a homepage design, which demonstrates how colour palettes can be used to separate sections and how important branding is when designing your business website.

Get Out There!

For under £3,000

This package has everything you need to get out there with a fresh new look, professional website and a pitch document or mini brochure that will knock their socks off! It is ideal for a new business venture or for an existing business which needs to pivot in response to market changes and re-position its offering and brand.

Professional and LEGAL branding & logo

Professional business logo design with one page of brand guidelines and two sets of amendments. Includes: colour version, white version and submark or stacked version. Includes file formats for print and digital use, including scalable EPS files and PNG.

Five-page website

Includes contact form, cookie consent plug in, social media links, Wordfence security, and mobile optimisation. I use a drag and drop page builder, combined with WordPress, so you can have complete control over your own website content. No coding knowledge required by the client. Excludes copywriting and proof reading.

Design of a 5-page editable proposal document

Includes cover page, about and USPs page, info about services, costs page, back page with next steps and CTA. The end result will be made Powerpoint. Win more customers in the early stages of their journey with a professional proposal document that will knock their socks off and demonstrate value. Includes two sets of amendments.

Business card design

Design of a two-sided business card, so you can be ready to grab attention and build your network.

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