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Cambrian is a Wales-based company which supplies plastic bottles, triggers and closures for a range of sectors, such as horticulture, pet care and industrial cleaning products. They have supplied plastic packaging for popular brands such as Bob Martin, Lush and Kilrock Products.


Full service marketing

Peacock Digital Marketing provided a full monthly marketing service, as well as ad hoc projects. This included a marketing strategy, company brochure, document design, SEO-friendly blog content, Google advertising, website design and development, email marketing, social media marketing and branding and logo design.

The Goal

I began working with Cambrian in January 2021. The company wanted to work with a marketer who took the time to understand their products, customers, and their industry. They needed a strategic, yet proactive, joined-up approach to marketing.


The first step was to create a comprehensive 12-month marketing strategy which explored where the company was and where it wanted to be, the product offering, a SWOT analysis, industry research, competitor analysis, buyer personas, the customer journey, business goals and objectives and a 12-month marketing calendar.

I then developed an SEO strategy in line with the marketing strategy.

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Working closely with the company’s marketing coordinator, PDM managed Cambrian’s social media content across Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as creating regular e-newsletters (boosted by enhanced email automation, segmentation and quality list management) and writing monthly blog articles focusing on industry keywords and topics.

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Graphic Design

Cambrian was further supported by graphic design and website development.

The company needed an updated product guide which showed their renewed focus and product ranges. Peacock Digital Marketing designed a 40-page brochure and liaised with the print company to arrange a spot UV cover enhancement. I also worked with a photographer to coordinate product photography to support marketing and the brochure content.

CAMBRIAN Packaging brochure
Cambrian packaging's product brochure, designed by Peacock Digital Marketing
Some point of sale material for Cambrian Packaging

From the Marketing Strategy, we also identified useful documents which would benefit certain personas. This included some cheat sheets featuring industry terminology and material information, a pitch document template which can be edited by the sales team, documentation to accompany samples and design of new sample boxes and point of sale material for product ranges.

Peacock Digital Marketing developed a micro brand for the company, used to emphasise Cambrian’s range of recycled plastic bottles and containers. The company wanted an alternative version of their existing logo so I created a design inspired by leaves, as a leaf symbol is often used to represent a company’s green credentials.

The Marketing Strategy also identified many aspects of customer service that the company does very well, and we developed the term VIPackaging and a subset of branding which is being used to highlight this excellence to prospects and existing customers.

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We've worked with Peacock Digital Marketing since Jan 2021 on social media content and management, production of both printed and digital sales support material and website development in addition to establishing a documented marketing strategy to support growth. We're very pleased with Kirsty's attention to detail, swift responses, creativity and above all, her dedication to learning our business, products and sectors not just simply carrying out tasks. Highly recommended!
Lloyd Harvey, Cambrian Packaging


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Part of the regular marketing activity included creating and managing monthly Google Search advertising campaigns, along with a series of website landing pages to support this. Website events were tracked using Google Analytics and Tag Manager, so we could track leads; these included phone calls, contact form submissions and sample requests. 

Phone calls increased by 88%, forms by 14% and sample requests by 24%. Website users increased, with new users increasing by 19%, and the people that visited Cambrian’s website spent more time on it, showing they were more engaged with the content. As part of the SEO strategy, I identified keywords which could be worked into blog topics and existing page content. This, along with a new ‘knowledge’ section, allowed users to find the information they need to make an informed buying decision. 

Need a full service approach?

We work with business owners who typically are quite confused and overwhelmed by marketing. They’re worried that they don’t have a firm marketing strategy in place, or perhaps they’ve been frustrated over previous efforts to get their product in front of the right audience. It might even be that the leads they’re getting aren’t the leads they want!

If this rings a bell, get in touch and discover how Peacock Digital Marketing can help you strut your stuff…

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