Have an expert digital marketing consultant on your team for three months


You might be facing a situation where you aren’t quite ready to outsource your marketing, or perhaps you have some internal marketing capabilities already in place, but you need a digital marketing consultant to lend some strategic guidance on a regular basis.


Many business owners look to a business coach for answers and accountability, and a digital marketing consultant can provide that for your marketing. Imagine having an expert on hand to answer all your marketing questions, teach you the best techniques and run your ideas by rather than investing more time, resources and money into ineffective marketing?  

Peacock Digital Marketing’s Expert 1:1 Marketing Consultation service has you covered. We’ll run a business diagnostic to discover your key marketing issues and blockers, identify what you’d like to achieve, set goals, and keep you on track. Within three months, your business will be strutting its stuff in no time, with an effective strategy based on research and data.

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What can a digital marketing consultant help with?

A lot of the time, businesses will try various things without taking a step back to look at the bigger picture or base their actions on research and data. This is where a marketing consultant can help you to ensure you’re not continuing down the wrong path and wasting valuable resources.

Some of the things we can discuss during our sessions may include:

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We limit spaces for the 1:1 consultation to no more than 3 businesses at a time. Please contact us so we can add you to the diary or the waiting list.

What can you expect from our Expert 1:1 Marketing Consultation?

This service is an excellent option for businesses who want to improve their marketing, who have perhaps already tried a few things, but they are unsure of exactly what to do and how to implement it. So, if you need access to expert marketing support on tap, and you’d like to feel confident with marketing your business, take a look at the below…

*This three-month programme will require an investment of £220 +VAT per month, or you can save by paying £600 +VAT in one instalment. After three months, the support can be extended.

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