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If you are looking for a reliable, professional graphic design agency in Staffordshire to help you develop a consistent look and feel for your business, pop the kettle on and learn more. Peacock Digital Marketing is an award-winning creative agency which understands the crucial role graphic design plays in shaping your business’ identity.


From crafting stunning logos and branding to designing user-friendly WordPress websites, our graphic design agency in Staffordshire can assist with a wide range of projects. If you read this page and you still have questions, we would love to hear them! Please contact us with any queries that you think would benefit other business owners when reading this page.

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Signs you need a graphic design agency

We work with many different sizes of Staffordshire businesses, from startups who need a brand building from scratch to established businesses who need to refresh their branding to reflect where the business is now – not where it was five years ago! Here are some of the things we have helped our clients to overcome…

Outdated brand identity: Businesses may need to refresh or update their brand identity to stay relevant, attract their target audience (which may have changed since the business began), or to better reflect their values and the business in its current form.

Inconsistent branding: Ever seen an orange peacock? Nope.  Inconsistent use of branding elements across marketing materials can lead to confusion among customers and a lack of brand recognition. This is one of the main problems many businesses face, and consistent branding is vital for developing a business’ reputation.

Unappealing marketing collateral: Marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and banners that lack visual appeal and consistency may fail to grab attention and convert leads. Branding plays a core part, but by working with a marketing agency you can ensure the messaging in your copy aligns with the overall look and feel of your marketing assets, and that this is consistent!

Inadequate website design: A poorly designed website can drive visitors away, resulting low conversion rates and frustrated potential customers. There’s no point in investing in paid digital advertising, such as Google Search advertising, and directing users to a website which is unhelpful, confusing and just not fit for purpose. Great design can make an incredible difference to the effectiveness of your digital advertising.

Logo trademarking and font licensing: Did you know that any logos which are designed with stock graphics cannot be trademarked? Since most businesses will want to trademark their brand, this is something to be aware of, especially since many cheap graphic design services will most likely be using stock elements. Font licensing should also be a consideration, and you should ask your graphic designer about the origins of any fonts they use.

If any of these issues sound familiar, it’s worth a chat to see if we could work together.  

How to choose the right graphic design agency

Selecting the right graphic design agency can be a critical decision for any business; it’s vital for you to feel comfortable enough to effectively delve into the essence of how your company helps its customers and how your customers feel when they interact with your brand.

Sometimes you are too close to your business to gain a fresh perspective, so working with a design agency can often unlock innovative ideas alongside a distinct brand identity, driving business growth.

Many graphic designers will do exactly what it says on the brief, and by working with a design agency with marketing experience you can ensure the brief is spot on from the start, saving a considerable amount of time and investment.

Peacock Digital Marketing may also ask you some awkward questions during this process, an approach with has helped businesses avoid some major marketing pitfalls in the past!

Design colour

Your brand is everything that your customers and prospective customers think, feel, say, hear, read, watch, imagine, suspect and hope about your product, service or organisation.”

So, probably worth getting that bit right then.

Kirsty Nelms, Director of Peacock Digital Marketing Digital marketing agency Staffordshire

Is Peacock Digital Marketing the right graphic design agency for your business?

PDM might not be the best fit if:

Our graphic design services

If you have a project and you would like help with something which is not on the list below, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to take a look at the brief.

Logo design & brand guidelines

This is one of the most important things to get right, yet so many get it wrong. Your branding reflects your business and establishes familiarity and trust.


We're seeing more and more businesses using bespoke illustrations on their websites and on social media. Hand drawn illustrations can make your business stand out.

Business card design

Having an eye-catching business card can help jog someone's memory after meeting you in person. Stay front of mind and be there when your customers need you.

Promotional flyers and banners

Have an event coming up? No problem, we can design flyers and pull up banners, as well as sort affordable printing.

Company stationery

From notepads and pens to letterheads and documents, all of your paperwork will look professional and consistent when we've worked our magic.

Brochure design

Your brochure should reflect your brand, and stand out from the competition. It should reflect the style and quality of your business and be a key sales tool and reference point.

Social media templates

Aside from creating images for social media posts or YouTube thumbnails, we can also design a set of templates that you can use across your social networks and Instagram Stories.

Website wireframes

If you already have a developer, but you don't have a design for your website, we can plan your user journey and make your website look professional and modern.

Examples of our graphic design work

Good design is an investment

If you have a project that is going to require a whole team of designers working on it, then be prepared to pay a higher price tag. Good design is an investment in your business and its reputation, and reputation is everything. 

There are a lot of fantastic, highly talented graphic designers and design agencies out there, but there are also a lot that lack the knowledge and experience to deliver a certain quality. No matter who you choose to work with, please don’t put the reputation of your business in the hands of a cheap, inexperienced designer – it will cost you. 

Logo design package

Perhaps you don’t have the budget for a full set of brand guidelines, but you know you need a professional logo. This one gives you everything you need to get started.
  • Professional logo design
    Including two suggested designs and two free sets of amendments, then £65 per hour thereafter.
  • Multiple variations for print and digital
    Includes: colour version, black version, white version, long version, stacked version and favicon.
  • Single page of simple brand guidelines
    A single page which lists the colours and colour codes, typography and logo types.
  • Multiple file formats
    When you are 100% happy with your logo design, and it’s been signed off, I will send you a folder of file formats for print and digital use, including scalable vector files, JPEG, PNG and PDF.

Full branding package

This package includes everything listed in the logo design package, plus a full brand style guide, bespoke icons or illustrations, a bespoke graphic pattern for use in wider branding, business card and letter head design.
  • Full brand style guide
    Also known as brand guidelines, this document can be used whenever you need anything designing for your business, to ensure a consistent look.
  • Typography & hierarchy
  • Colour palette
  • Logo usage guidelines
  • Tone of voice
  • Pattern or graphic elements
  • Icon design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead template

Graphic design agency Staffordshire


If you fancy working with an award-winning graphic design agency in Staffordshire, book a complimentary introduction on 01782 228068 or contact us here.


It depends on how big the project is and how much work is involved. Most graphic design projects are quoted for on a project by project basis. All time is recorded for each project, so accurate pricing can be given when quoting for similar projects in the future.

Turnaround times can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project. We strive to deliver high-quality designs within reasonable timeframes and will discuss timelines during the project briefing.

Yes, we value client satisfaction, and revisions are a part of our design process. Your quote will say how many revisions are included. As you can imagine, we do need to limit the amount of revisions included within the pricing, and any additional amendments required after that will be charged for separately. We work closely with clients to ensure amends are grouped to help speed up the design process, and that final designs exceed their expectations.

Absolutely! We have partnerships with reliable printing and production companies, and we can manage the printing process to ensure the final output meets our high standards.

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