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Strategy 365 is a Microsoft Solutions Partner focused on removing the confusion of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and providing digital solutions that streamline processes, boost productivity, and enable business growth.


Full service marketing

Peacock Digital Marketing provides a full monthly marketing service, as well as delivering ad hoc projects. This has included marketing strategy, brochures and e-books, graphic design, SEO-friendly blog content, Google advertising, website design and development, e-newsletters, press releases, case studies, and social media marketing.

“Peacock Digital Marketing has really helped transform our digital content over the years. Their experience and skills in many areas means we can trust one supplier for all of our needs, across all channels, without having to have separate suppliers for each area of marketing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty and Peacock Digital Marketing to other businesses.”

Gavin Nixon, Director, Strategy 365

The Goal

Strategy 365 specialises in cloud-based business solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, including implementation, licensing, training and support. Director Gavin Nixon approached Peacock Digital Marketing in January 2021 because the business wanted to refine its marketing strategy following a rebrand, and also needed help with Google ads.

We began by identifying the customer personas that benefit from Strategy 365’s services, in order to determine which software solutions and features would be most helpful to which type of customer. For example, some of the solutions would be ideal for experienced in-house IT staff, whereas other software may appeal to a busy manager of a sales team.

We soon discovered there was an issue with the language used to describe the products. Microsoft’s marketing material tends to include a lot of technical jargon written for enterprise-level large corporations, rather than Strategy 365’s audience of small and medium businesses. We needed to break down technical concepts in a way the average business owner or team leader could understand.

The Strategy

Peacock Digital Marketing quickly became extremely knowledgeable of the company’s products and services, as well as what was happening in the wider industry. This has allowed us to fully understand Microsoft’s often complicated product offering and naming conventions and explain it all in much more user-friendly language. This makes it clearer to potential and existing customers how Microsoft’s ever-evolving suite of products can make their working lives a whole lot easier, from automation to Artificial Intelligence.

We have focused on the company’s fantastic ‘Quick Start Packages’, creating landing pages and Google ad campaigns to promote them, as well as a digital brochure explaining how the company can quickly implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, or a combination of both, at a cost effective, fixed price via the Quick Start options.

We also created an e-book lead generation tool, designed to help customers who are considering implementing a CRM save a lot of headaches, time and money by planning what that solution needs to look like for their business.

We have ensured Strategy 365’s website provides a source of knowledge to help businesses understand many aspects of Microsoft’s products, including all the versions of Copilot, Microsoft’s AI offering. This is enhanced by a monthly email newsletter, which informs customers on the latest news and features.

Quick Start brochure front cover

Results so far...

Occasionally a business might have reservations about working with an external marketing agency because they are worried the agency won’t ‘get them’ or fully understand their products or industry. This is perfectly understandable, and Director Gavin Nixon shared such reservations at first. However, he was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were able to grasp the nature of the products and industry to a depth which was seemingly impossible in such a short amount of time.

Increased brand awareness

The company has seen an increase in brand awareness among its target audience, and other companies in the sector, especially on LinkedIn, where followers have grown. The company has received numerous positive comments from industry experts on its social media presence, blog content and overall tone of voice and demonstrable knowledge of the industry.

Established industry experts

In fact, there have been cases where companies which had previously been in contact with Strategy 365, but did not engage at the time, have got back in touch because Strategy 365’s marketing signalled to them that they were indeed industry leaders with evidence backing it up (such as blog articles and case studies) and would be a fantastic Microsoft Partner to support them.

Need a full service approach?

We work with business owners who typically are quite confused and overwhelmed by marketing. They’re worried that they don’t have a firm marketing strategy in place, or perhaps they’ve been frustrated over previous efforts to get their product in front of the right audience. It might even be that the leads they’re getting aren’t the leads they want!

If this rings a bell, get in touch and discover how Peacock Digital Marketing can help you strut your stuff…

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