Branding solutions for your small business

As a digital marketer and graphic designer, I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to find the right branding solutions for your small business 

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By Kirsty Nelms

Branding isn’t just about having a company logo, it’s the very identity of the company itself and what people see and feel when they look at your brand.  

For example, all businesses need a strong set of brand guidelines. This is a document which outlines logo use (colour and white versions for different backgrounds, and print and digital versions), how not to use the logo (stretched or with the wrong colours), typography and font hierarchy, colour palettes, use of graphics and patterns, key imagery, company mission and vision, tone of voice and templates for print and digital work such as letterheads and social media posts. Wowzah, that’s a lot of stuff in one document, but it’s also everything your business could ever need to ensure its branding remains consistent and professional.  

In all honesty, you can get free online software which will design your logo. It won’t be unique, it won’t reflect your brand identity, but it will be free – and you get what you pay for.  

Excellent branding is an investment in your business. It’s something which separates you from your competitors and it’s what helps to establish loyalty and trust with customers.

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Where to start with branding your small business

If you decide to hire a professional graphic designer to create your company branding, there are a few things you can do right now to avoid lots of logo revisions:

How much should you pay for a business logo? (UK)

You can get a logo designed on the cheap for anything between free to £250. You get what you pay for, and at that price, you’re not paying for an experienced graphic designer to help shape your brand. Many artists find that the more experienced they become, the more they can achieve at a better quality and in less time. Paying for an inexperienced designer will either result in something that’s a bit ‘meh’, or countless revisions costing more time and more money in the long run.  

Reputable logo designers will charge anything from £250 to £1,000, with the higher end being agency prices.  

My business logo design package starts from just £399 + VAT and I offer a 10% discount for small businesses. I also offer added discounts for charities.

It’s worth pointing out that brand design also sees trends, much like art and interior design. Ensure you work with a professional graphic designer who is aware of ‘what’s hot right now’, because chances are that trend won’t be ‘hot’ in a few years’ time. The last thing you want is a trendy logo which looks tired after three years, because you’ll have to fork out more cash in the long run getting it updated. 

Consider a range of branding solutions for your small business

When looking at your brand, it’s important to try to visualise all the places where these elements can be used. This is how you can ensure you’ve future-proofed your branding.  

For example, will your branding be used on packaging for products, tote bags, water bottles, folders etc? What social media platforms will it be used on? For example, do you need some templates for YouTube thumbnails or Instagram Stories? What about promotional flyers, leaflets and business cards? This is where the whole brand comes together and you can spot any issues or room for improvement. You may also identify certain graphic styles or patterns that could really enhance your overall brand when used consistently.  

Branding your small business website

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It is vital to ensure your business website reflects your business. I know, that sounds obvious, but many people just don’t have time to update the content on the website or redesign it. This results in outdated information and an old company website which no longer accurately reflects the company or its target audience.  

I’ve done so many social media campaigns where I have pulled information from the company website, only to be told not to use it because it is out of date. If that information is no longer applicable to your business, take it off your website because it could be misleading your customers. 

Any social media campaign is going to run hand in hand with your website, which is why it is so important to have a responsive, mobile optimised and SEO-friendly site, which maps out your customer journey and offers them the information they need.  

If you’re looking at branding your small business, make sure your website reflects your brand. If you decide to work with me on your branding, I can design and develop a professional company website, as well as running digital marketing campaigns to raise awareness and bring in more leads. 

Applying your small business branding to social media marketing

As part of any set of brand guidelines I create, I ensure to include a few templates for your social media platforms. You can use these to create branded, professional looking content.  

If, like most businesses, you don’t have time to manage your social media organic content or paid advertising campaigns, I can help with that too. I choose suitable advertising options and plan campaigns, develop schedules and offer a free monthly report using valid analytics to evaluate campaign progress. 

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