How to add reviews to your Facebook business page (2020)

Facebook is constantly updating and it can be hard to know where to find certain features. You can scroll down to find out how to add reviews to your Facebook business page in 2020, but first we’re going to find out what has changed. 

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Facebook reviews vs recommendations – what's changed?

Facebook reviews have changed into ‘recommendations’, meaning that instead of star ratings, customers are asked whether they want to recommend your business. They can also recommend your business to others in Facebook community groups, for example, if someone asks where to find a decent hairdresser or a good chippy. According to Facebook, one in three people use it to find recommendations or reviews. 

Previous recommendations will be also listed in the Reviews/Recommendations section. Your previous Facebook reviews will continue to be displayed. Now, when people recommend you on Facebook, it will automatically appear on your page. Customers can also post photos as part of a recommendation.  

If there are no more star ratings, what’s this Facebook page score thingy all about?

Facebook will now determine a page rating based on multiple sources, such as recommendations, and a page may not have a rating if it hasn’t received enough recommendations.  

Only recommendations that are shared publicly are included in a page’s overall rating. So, if someone decides to share the recommendation only with their friends, it won’t go onto your Facebook business page.  

How to add reviews to your Facebook business page in 2020

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To get your customers to add reviews to your Facebook business page, send them a link to your page, and ask them to navigate to the recommendations tab and click yes. They can then fill in why they recommend your business, or just click yes. 

When Facebook friends ask for recommendations, people can also tag in your business (using @ before the name of the business) and leave a recommendation that way. 

How to report a Facebook recommendation in 2020

You can report a Facebook recommendation if it violates Facebook’s Community Standards. 

To report a Facebook recommendation in 2020, go to the recommendation you want to report and click the three dots in the top right corner of it. Select ‘find support or report a recommendation’. Then follow the instructions.  


Should you disable Facebook recommendations?

Turning off Facebook recommendations can also mean your page is less searchable, and the location map will also disappear from your page. By leaving recommendations on, when people search for services near them, your business is more likely to be discovered.  

Look, you can’t please everyone and all businesses are going to get some negative feedback at some point. Just because you’ve had some negative reviews does not mean you should turn off recommendations. If you do this, people won’t be able to see all the good recommendations you have. 

This is why it is so important to build brand loyalty and trust with your customers. You would be surprised how many times, as a digital marketer, I have seen someone leave a negative comment and then several more people leave positive comments because they didn’t think that person was being fair to the business. They jumped in to defend the business – and it’s that level of loyalty that you need to build through expert social media marketing.    

What if it’s always the same person kicking off and they have it in for your page?

You should always reach out to the person leaving the negative comment and try to settle things diplomatically. Usually, they are annoyed because of a misunderstanding and the matter can be resolved quite easily. When you show them that you do care about their issue and you do everything you can to resolve it, they tend to do a bit of a U-turn and everyone is happy. 

Unfortunately, some people may decide to ‘troll’ your page by leaving lots of negative comments on your posts. You can leave the comment up, but respond publicly with a statement saying you are sorry to hear of their issue and you have reached out to them to help them (then message them privately to discuss the matter or get an email address). You can choose to hide these comments, so only that person and their friends can see the comment. If the comments are inappropriate (bad language or defamatory for example), you can delete the comment and reach out to them again explaining why the comment was deleted and asking them to discuss the issue with you.  

If the person won’t communicate with you to resolve their problem, and is harassing your business by trolling your page, you can ban them from your page. Go to your settings and find ‘people and other pages’. Search their name and you can select a settings icon next to them and hit ‘ban from page’.  


I hope this article has helped answer your questions about how to add reviews to your Facebook business page in 2020 and reporting a Facebook recommendation in 2020. If you are searching for a trustworthy digital marketer with experience managing social media accounts and advertisements, pop me an email. 


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